Friday, June 4, 2010

new general approach to medical treatment

Our mainstream medical community's focus on drug based treatment is not working. Cancer and other diseases are out of control and the toxic drugs which are the basis of the current treatment methods are ineffective at curing illnesses and at best only control symptoms. what's worse is that they cause as many problems as they are trying to solve.

We need a whole new radical approach, one which gets away from the MAGIC BULLET approach and takes the completely opposite direction. That means a GENERALIZED TREATMENT method which treats the entire body at once with some sort of mechanical force or energy but which effects ONLY disease mechanisms or controverted cells because they have some characteristic, some weakness which makes only them vulnerable whereas normal body cells are not affected because they are plugged into the whole community and are protected.

One example that comes to mind is some form of elevated HEAT treatment. Another is high dose OXYGEN therapy