Friday, June 4, 2010

new general approach to medical treatment

Our mainstream medical community's focus on drug based treatment is not working. Cancer and other diseases are out of control and the toxic drugs which are the basis of the current treatment methods are ineffective at curing illnesses and at best only control symptoms. what's worse is that they cause as many problems as they are trying to solve.

We need a whole new radical approach, one which gets away from the MAGIC BULLET approach and takes the completely opposite direction. That means a GENERALIZED TREATMENT method which treats the entire body at once with some sort of mechanical force or energy but which effects ONLY disease mechanisms or controverted cells because they have some characteristic, some weakness which makes only them vulnerable whereas normal body cells are not affected because they are plugged into the whole community and are protected.

One example that comes to mind is some form of elevated HEAT treatment. Another is high dose OXYGEN therapy

cure baldness and hair loss

I have spent 45 years investigating baldness and hair loss. I started with the premise that the conventional wisdom is flawed and incomplete or else baldness and hair loss would already be solved. DEHYDROTESTOSTERONE alone could not be the principal underlying cause as we are being told.

My research finally revealed a whole new anatomical component to this problem which none of the mainstream players have talked about and which seems clearly to be the MAIN underlying cause of hair loss.

I have developed a simple system based on addressing this new component and successfully regrown hair on a scalp that has been bald for many years. Go to

prevent ductal breast cancer

The epidemic of ductal breast cancer cannot be explained simply by genetic predisposition. Some much more universal and simple mechanism must be at work for it to effect so many women at so many ages.

My theory is that the vast majority of cases are caused by environmental toxins being trapped in a women's breast ducts and are not properly excreted. They fester and eventually trigger cancer in the walls of the ducts.

To possibly prevent this problem all women should simply have their breast ducts drained and pumped on a regular basis to cleanse these toxins.